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Circle of Courage Elementary Schools


What happens when a school becomes a Circle of Courage School?   Parents smile, kids learn and enjoy school, and teachers are filled with pride. A Circle of Courage School designation represents value added”. 
Since Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future was first published in 1990, those working with youth have asked for guidance in creating places that reflect the reclaiming philosophy – places that meet the belonging, mastery, independence and generosity needs of students as represented by the Circle of Courage™ model. In response, the first tool kit was designed for those working in elementary schools. 
The Elementary School Tool Kit is now available for purchase through Reclaiming Youth International.  More information about the Tool Kit and its application is available on our website.
Here are some of the resources in the tool kit:
·         A guide for the schools professional development team
·         Study guides for the Reclaiming Youth at Risk book
·         A PowerPoint that presents concepts from the Reclaiming Youth at Risk book
·         An assessment tool that helps the school measure indicators of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity
·         A PowerPoint that presents the indicators of a Circle of Courage School
·         Reproducible handouts and activities for staff development
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